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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic in Central Europe, built around the river Vltava and offers interesting sights and activities for tourists and backpackers. They also have reasonable prices and still use the Czech koruna, because they haven’t accepted the Euro as currency. There are affordable, centrally located hotels and hostels. We ended up paying 70€ (~2000 koruna) per person in a 4 star hotel for 3 nights, which included a giant breakfast buffet. Tickets for public transport are also extremely cheap. Single tickets when entering cost only 1€ and connect you to any part of the city and its outskirts. The urban design of the city is laid out with big green parks for recreation and relaxing in the sun. Pedestrian zones are all over the city for strolling through the old town and iconic buildings and making it easy to explore.

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Prague is mainly known for the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the oldest still working astronomical clock tower. Those 3 things are the iconic image of the city, and there are plenty of souvenirs, paintings and photographs sold everywhere near of those locations. That makes them also the biggest tourist traps.

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We ate at a great vegan restaurant, which offered a long list of different meals in a dining area that had the best interior design I’ve seen in a long time. I’d feel bad for not giving them a thumbs up and mentioning it here, even if it seems like blatant advertisement (I’m not getting paid for this, haha).
Across the river, opposite the Old Town Square and main part of the city is a giant park called Petrinske sady. It has a steep slope with Petrin Tower on top, which gives a great panoramic view of the place. It’s just south of Prague Castle, and makes for a nice daytrip on a sunny day to picnic in the park.

We also visited Prague Zoo, which took about 7 hours to walk through all the animal enclosures. They made a good impression with giant habitats, humane as possible treatment and cleanliness, for locking up exotic animals and charging people to visit and goggle at them. I took that opportunity to spice up my photo collection with more animals.

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On Sunday night we decided to go out for an evening in town, and went to a bar that was recommended by a local glass musician who makes music with wine glasses filled with different amounts of water. So I had a feeling it was worth a visit. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was impossible to even tell there was something in there – we even walked past it. The windows were darkened with drapes and the double door was also not lit, and it didn’t have any signs drawing attention to it. Inside it was dimly lit and had two areas, one for smokers and the other for non-smokers. The furniture was all random and seemed like it was taken and recycled from people that were going to ditch it. Wood pallets were crafted and stacked to make benches to sit on and there was even a wood-burning stove. The old walls and intimate feeling made it a great place to grab a beer and listen to a live band that inspired other musicians present to just go up and play along with them.


We stayed there most of the night, then visited an Absinth Bar that offered about 15 different kinds to taste. On order, the ritual was performed in front of you which involved a sugar cube and fire. Then you could sit down in the tiny place and start sipping your absinth with a giant mug of water to chase the extremely bitter and burning taste of it. Feeling tipsy and certainly not hallucinating like many believe, we left and strolled further aimlessly through the night before going home. I’m sure a nightly snack was also involved along the way.