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Passau 2014

Named Die drei Flüsse Stadt, translated roughly to The City of Three Rivers, is located in southeast Germany, near the Austrian border. To the north of Passau runs the Danube, to the south runs the Inn. And at the tip of the old town district of the small city, the Ilz runs into the Danube, which flows through Austria and ends in the Black Sea.

This unfortunate location, during the flood of the summer of 2013, made the surrounding waters rise up into the city, damaging property and leaving a lot of the old buildings ruined. During my visit in February 2014, I observed ongoing construction and restoration work. While walking through the old town you could see obvious watermarks all around which gave you a scale of the damages, and helped visualize how deeply submerged this area was. The parking lot had pictures hung up as a recent reminder of what this small quiet town has gone through.



picture source from spiegel.de

According to media and weather experts, the flooding in 2013 was the worst that has hit central Europe since the 16th <span century, costing at least 25 lives and leaving damage all along the rivers in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. I remember taking the train from Vienna to Linz during the peak of the storm. I stared out the window observing giant pools of water forming everywhere; flooding agricultural farmland, highway underpasses and surrounding towns with masses of water disrupting daily life. A few days later, the same train was shut down for a short period, because one of the tunnels was filled with water and trees that were uprooted and swept away by these natural forces.

I am glad to report that the city has recovered well. Visitors to the city have returned to see the old architecture and to dine at the numerous outdoor restaurants.  For me it was a day trip with my girlfriend. We just spent most of the sunny day outside walking through the streets, stopping here and there for short shopping sprees. In our opinion the town was small enough to see in a day and certainly had a nice flair to it, which makes it worth a visit!